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Freak Nasty began his career as DJ and a producer. He was one of 2 in a group called PMW. He found success in Atlanta, Ga. with his first album, entitled Freak Nasty, selling close 300,00 units. His next album entitled Controversee...That's Life...And That's the way it is was a bigger hit and sold 5million units. mainly due to his smash hit "DA DIP" which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2007. The single "Do it Just Like a Rockstar" peaked at #45 on the Hot 100.Da Dip was used in many TV comercials and ads. A Virgo and hailing from New Orleans, he started out and still is a DJ/ Producer. He created his own record label Hard Hood Entertainment. His first group was called PMW in which he started along with the other member of the group. They created a huge following in the city and the surrounding areas. He was called DJ RazorCut and after seeing that the group was earning a reputation as one of the most popular groups in New Orleans he took the group to up coming label Cash Money. Busines didnt go to good after a while so he left and continued on his own label. His skills for rocking house parties helped him take his talent further. In the early 90s he finally left Cash Money and went on to have a successful career independently.He traveled all around the world from Cali to Texas to Minnesota to all parts in between but eventually landed in Atlanta. He inked a deal with Ichiban records and released his first solo cd enttled Freak Nasty it sold close to 300,000 units and he never saw one red cent because of shady busines but he made up for it with shows and appearances. He put a second cd out entitled Controversee which include the song Da Dip which sold millions as a single and help propel the album to Gold status. He was nominated for an MTV award which he lost out to the Spice Girls but has won numerous awrads since then. He is one of the most well know artist whose never taken the spotlight, everything he accomplished was on a independent level. He was the first artist to leave Cash Money and his group PMW was one of the first main ingreidents that helped Cash Money launch. He is down to earth and very humble, he creates 2-4 songs a day and helps artist sharpen their craft. He often works with his charity DA DIP FOUNDATION and others to give back. He is the first rapper from New Orleans to go platinum!




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